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PPC Management
Stop investing your money blindly

Learn how to track your PPC budget to the last cent!

Learn how to track your PPC budget to the last cent!

Learn how to track your PPC budget to the last cent!

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SEO Management
Tired of showing up on the last page of Google?

Start climbing the organic ranks with our SEO Program.

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Website Development
Is your website out of date?

First impressions can buy you a second date, and with our 100% Mobile Responsive
Website, the second date will be on them.

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Facebook Ads
Did you know that the cost per clicks for Facebook Ads are about 50% less than Google Ads?

In some industries it's still a lot less than 50%. If you select one of our PPC or SEO plans, for just an additional $50, we can also help you manage your Facebook Ads and Instagram.

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You too can become an ROI Digital Monster by joining our monster family today!

Although our agency is fairly new, our Certified Google Experts have 5+ years of experience working with other digital agencies in PPC Management, SEO Management and Website Development. Combining our expertise is what has evolved us into the ROI Digital Monsters that we are today. We are strong believers in “You get back what you put into it”. We don’t believe in 8-hour shifts; we work 9 to 10 hours per day and take our work home from time to time to make sure we are delivering results.

We are so confident in our work that we do not need to tie anyone down into contracts. We are 100% transparent, meaning that you will always have full access and ownership of your account. If you don’t have your own account, we will create one for you directly through Google Ads and before launching the campaign(s), we will hand it over to you.

Most importantly, your competitors become our competitors. We perform extensive competitor research in order to understand what WE are up against, as well as to make sure that we can help you write enticing ads that are written better than your so called competition.


Online Promotion Only:

Get 2 Services For The Price of 1!

Online Offer Only!


Billy Ferguson


“Before Charlie reached out to me, my website was super out of date and barely had any content. My new website by far has exceeded my expectations and is even mobile friendly now.”

Mike Gonzalez

Lead-gen PPC

“Before working with Digital Monsters, I had an agency that didn’t give me administrative access or ownership, it really got me worked up because I didn’t feel like the reports they were sending me were accurate since I wasn’t getting much business. With Digital Monsters, I have my own account and see were each penny goes, to them it’s all about improving my ROI.”

Taylor M

E-commerce PPC

“What I like the most about working with John, he really understands my products and knows his stuff. Hands down, I’d recommend Digital Monster to anyone that wears many hats and needs an extra hand to be more productive.”

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